Meet ABC 57’s Brian Conybeare

NOW: Meet ABC 57’s Brian Conybeare

For many in Southwest Michigan, his name may sound familiar.

ABC 57’s newest anchor, Brian Conybeare, was born and raised in Benton Harbor, Michigan. He’s spent a majority of his career working as a journalist in New York City. That’s where he met his wife and started a family. While he enjoyed raising his kids in Westchester County, he says there’s no place like home.

Brian will join ABC 57’s Colleen Bormann on the anchor desk on Thursday, February 1. But before he joins her on the desk, Colleen spent some time getting to know Brian and his family.

“While New York is great, home is home,” Brian said. “I wanted to come home.”

After nearly 25 years, the Conybeare family moved from Westchester County, New York to St. Joseph, Michigan.

Brian has been working as a reporter for WCBS since 2015. He even worked as a special advisor on the new NY Bridge Project under New York’s Governor. He also worked at News 12 Westchester.

While he enjoyed working in New York, he’s excited to be back home and back to family.

“I want to be able to spend time with my mom,” Brian said. “I want to spend time with my dad – he’s turning 80.”

His father, Bruce Conybeare, is looking forward to watching his son every night from his own living room.

“I was surprised and excited,” Bruce Conybeare said. “It’s been a long time since he’s been in this area.”

Bruce said his son has always been a very hard worker and has always been interested in people. He’s not surprised that Brian is the only sibling not to follow in his footsteps. Out of the five Conybeare siblings, Brian is the only one who is not working in law.

“Both of my brothers are attorneys, both of my sisters are attorneys, and both of my sister’s husbands are attorneys,” Brian said. “All three of my wife’s brothers are attorneys. My dad is an attorney. I didn’t want to be an attorney.”

While Brian was visiting his dad’s office, ABC 57 met up with Brian’s former 8th grade teacher. She heard the news that Brian was moving back home and she’s thrilled to welcome him home.

“He just stood out, which I knew he would, as all the Conybeares do,” said Pam Clever, Brian’s former teacher. “He was really smart and he would do things that made me laugh, which is not good for a teacher to be doing.”

Clever says it’s nice to see Brian and his family back home.

Brian says he’s ready to get settled into his new home and ready to get to work.

“This really is a chance for me to come home and cover stories in a place that really matters to me, matters to my family – that’s a rare opportunity in this business,” Brian said. “I don’t take that for granted. This is a very welcomed homecoming.”

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