Meet the man behind the River Park good deed

Tony Lipsey, a River Park resident, spotted a little boy waiting for the bus without a winter jacket on. Right away, he knew he had to help. 

The next day, Lipsey showed up at the bus stop with not only a brand new jacket but a scarf, a hat, and new sneakers. 

The boy's mother posted the good deed on Facebook and the post has gone viral throughout the neighborhood. 

Lipsey says he knows what it's like to struggle. He was homeless once. 

"I've struggled with getting food to eat, I've struggled getting gas money, there have been times when we didn't have transportation," says Lipsey.

Through Lipsey's struggles he says he's learned something invaluable, to pay it forward. 

"When you struggle, you learn. You understand what it's like to be in someone else's shoes," says Lipsey. 

So, he used that lesson in his neighborhood, River Park. 

Lipsey was taking his daughter to the bus stop when he saw David Feingold waiting at the corner without a winter jacket on. 

Without thinking twice, Lipsey came back the next day with a brand new jacket, a scarf, a hat, and even new shoes. 

Lipsey says he lives his life by always giving. "I think everyone deserves an opportunity to be helped." 

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