Megabus expansion connecting South Bend to 24 cities

NOW: Megabus expansion connecting South Bend to 24 cities

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- From South Bend to Indy to Chicago - a new partnership is connecting you to new cities.

Megabus has over 100 destinations in the U.S., and now a new stop in Michiana!

Routes will run from South Bend to other cities here in Indiana like, Kokomo, Peru and Richmond, just to name a few.

Major cities now connected to South Bend through this new bus stop include Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus and Detroit.

There are lots of reasons to consider taking the bus instead of driving. It can give you a nice chance to relax and enjoy the ride instead of focusing on driving, especially for longer trips, which Megabus can provide.

If you have young kids traveling with you, you can also spend more time entertaining them instead of trying to keep them occupied while driving.

Taking the bus instead of driving is also a greener way to travel, reducing emissions greatly compared to cars and planes.

Megabus hopes to provide further expansions in the future, all in an effort to keep people connected and make traveling a bit easier.

You can find a full list of destinations at the Megabus website!

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