Memorial for three siblings killed continues to grow

FULTON COUNTY, Ind. -- A memorial continues to grow for the three siblings killed in the bus stop crash in Fulton County just over a week ago.

The neighbors in the mobile home community where the three children lived told ABC57 there is a definite void without the kids.

Among the deflated balloons, damp teddy bears, and wilting flowers  stands a new monument  that will remain for a lifetime.

Three crosses grounded for 9 -year-old Alivia and 6-year-old twins Xzavier and Mason.

Terry Diedrich is close to the children’s family. “To me, they’re my grand kids,” he said.

He went to a local Plymouth company with designs for a memorial that he would build himself.

“The owner came to me and said – “no, this is an honor to me, I will build this for you,” Diedrich explained.

Diedrich says the donated sculpture is about 4-feet tall and over 200 pounds, and the company doesn’t want any credit.

“They poured their hearts out for these kids,” he said it took the company days to make.

Now, and forever, the car stopping  memorial  will honor the lives of three children taken too soon.

“To me that’s love,” he said.

Neighbors in the community told ABC57 that they hope  some kind of closure will come from Friday’s viewing for Xzavier, Mason, and Alivia. It will be open to the public at Good Family Funeral Home from 4 to 8.

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