Memorial Hospital parking lot improvements approved

South Bend Memorial Hospital will be seeing improvements to the building after an approval by the Board of Public Works meeting Tuesday. 

Work is expected to begin by the parking lot hugging Bartlett Street in order to straighten the road before a roundabout is built at the location in 2016.

The board approved an increase of more than $100,000 to complete the parking lot’s construction, also adding certain fixtures to keep it functional for hospital staff and visitors.

“They’re going to do additional lighting work that needed to get done as well as some sprinkler systems,” says South Bend City Engineer Corbitt Kerr. “These were two features that were not included with the project was bid out, but were recognized as improvements that the parking lot needed.”

The funds approved are part of a roughly $2 million budget being used to build the roundabout and alter the surrounding area.

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