Memorial Hospital using generators to stay open

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Despite the power outage in downtown South Bend, very little is different at Memorial Hospital. Hospital officials say they are always prepared for situations like this.

"Literally since early this morning there were hundreds of people working to assure that all of the services would be available if needed and all of our patients were taken care of at the level they needed to be treated," said Lori Turner, Chief Marketing Officer Memorial Hospital.

At the hospital, there are few signs the hospital is part of the power outage.

"Facilities and engineering is prepared to keep all of our systems going and all of our personnel has all of the equipment that they need," said Turner.

Turner says four generators and their clinical and emergency staff are keeping things running.

People who drive themselves to the emergency room will be able to see a doctor, but all ambulances are being rerouted to hospitals in Mishawaka and Elkhart unless it's a life or death situation.

"If you are transported by squad and it's not a trauma, at this point we are on redirect to another emergency location," said Turner.

All doctor's appointments and minor procedures that were scheduled for Friday and this weekend have been rescheduled. But if you have an emergency and can get to the downtown hospital safely, they will not turn you away.


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