Memorial Hospital ‘Where’s Waldo’ goes viral

South Bend’s Memorial Children’s Hospital is making news worldwide thanks to an act of kindness by a construction worker.

Jason Haney, who is helping build a new wing of the hospital, is playing a fun game of ‘Where’s Waldo’ using an 8-foot tall cutout he built with his teenage daughter.

 “I see smiles on the unit and they thank me and I come up there the staff thanks me. And to know that a simple piece of wood can bring a smile to a little kid and help them forget about what pain or trauma they're going through at the time, it's humbling,” said Haney.

The sweet story is making its rounds all over the world.

Hospital officials said media outlets from across the globe want to cover the story.

ABC's Good Morning America even came to Michiana to talk with Haney.

“I'm starting to wrap my head around it. It's all over the world. I never would have thought that this would happen. I'm so gracious and I'm glad of all the positive comments I'm getting,” said Haney.

Haney told GMA his daughter, who helped him build the cutout, was his inspiration.

She had a stroke while in the womb. She made a full recovery and will be attending Ball State next year.

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