Men accused of robbing pregnant woman, friend at gunpoint near Miami Street

Quadir Quiroz Tavian Logan
ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - Two men were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly robbing two women at gunpoint on January 21, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Tavian Logan, 20, and Quadir Quiroz, 18, were arrested on a number of charges.

On January 21, officers with the South Bend Police Department were called to the 1100 block of E. Haney St. for a report of two shots fired.

On their way to the area, officers were flagged down by two women near the intersection of Miami Street and Broadway Avenue.

The women said they were robbed at gunpoint just before the shots fired incident, reports said.

The suspects allegedly stole the women's cell phones and a Red Buick Lucerne.

The first victim said one of the suspects, identified as Tavian Logan, messaged her on social media and, after exchanging messages, the two agreed to meet up along with two other friends, which included the second victim and the second suspect, Quadir Quiroz.

The two victims picked up Logan and Quiroz and drove to a residence near the intersection of Miami Street and Broadway Avenue.

Quiroz was the first to get out of the vehicle and go inside the home.

Logan stayed outside for a few minutes and spoke with the victims.

The three then made their way inside, where they found Quiroz standing on a staircase, pointing a longer-style firearm at the victims, reports said.

As Quiroz pointed the gun at the women, Logan stood at the back door, as if he were guarding it, the first victim said.

The second victim was told to reset the password on her phone and give it to the suspects, reports said.

Logan allegedly took the first victim's phone and ordered her to give him the password. 

As the women complied, the suspects lifted up the first victim's shirt, looking for other property to steal, reports said.

The suspects noticed the first victim was pregnant, and Quiroz made a comment about it, allegedly pressing the barrel of his gun against her stomach.

Shortly after, Logan and Quiroz left the home using the back door.

After they left, the victims heard three gunshots.

When they went outside, they discovered the vehicle they drove to the home in, a red Buick Lucerne, was gone.

The second victim showed police the social media accounts of both suspects, identifying them by their photos. The suspects were identified as Tavian Logan and Quadir Quiroz.

Both profiles matched the ones the first victim showed to police.

In separate interviews, the victims identified clothing seen in social media photos as those worn by the suspects during the robbery, reports said.

Several photos depicted a large firearm the first victim said was the same one Quiroz pointed at them, according to reports.

On Tuesday, investigators obtained a search warrant for Quiroz's Facebook account and found a series of messages between Quiroz and Logan from January 21, less than 20 minutes before the robbery.

One of the messages from Logan said, "We gone get out like we finna go inna crib then up," reports said.

A message from Quiroz asked, "So what we taking from these hoes," and a response from Logan read, "They wheel," going on to reference needing a car to get to a hotel, according to police.

Quiroz then replied, "[expletive deleted] it, we still checking they pockets," according to reports.

Approximately four hours after the Lucerne was stolen, Logan sent to Quiroz photos of a red Buick Lucerne that looked like the victim's, police said.

Quiroz then sent the photos to a third party, asking the user to, "Help me sell this hot boy," reports said.

On Tuesday, officers were searching for Quiroz, who had an active body attachment warrant, on North Diamond Street and North Cleveland Avenue.

Officers saw Quiroz leave a home on Cleveland Avenue and walk north.

When Quiroz saw the marked police vehicle, he allegedly began running.

Police followed him to a home on Diamond Avenue and surrounded it, ordering its occupants to come outside.

A short time later, a number of people, including Quiroz and Logan, came out of the residence.

During a search of the home, police found numerous firearms, one of which looked like the firearm the victims described Quiroz holding during the robbery, police said.

Logan initially denied knowing anything about the robbery, but his story began changing as he was confronted with more evidence, police said.

He allegedly admitted to contacting a woman on social media, saying her account belonged to the first victim. He also confirmed the women picked him up and they drove to a home on Miami Street, reports said. 

Logan was charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count of auto theft.

Quiroz was charged with two counts of armed robbery, one count of auto theft and one count of resisting law enforcement.

Logan and Quiroz were arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into a string of robberies in South Bend. During the arrest, officers recovered a firearm with a switch and a firearm that was reported stolen, police said. 

The investigation into the recent string of armed robberies is ongoing. 

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