Menu sparks protest at local restaurant

Animal Liberation Michiana demonstrated outside of Cafe Navarre Sunday evening due to a menu item.

Foie Gras caused demonstrators to protest with signs that said "Keep Foie Gras off the menu".

Foie Gras is defined as the fatted liver of an animal, especially a goose, which is usually served as a pate.

The protestors were chanting "Stop animal abuse" during the protest.

"Foie Gras is an extremely cruel product, it involved force feeding ducks using a metal tube 3 or 4 times a day to enlarge their livers to 10 times their natural size," said one protestor.

The Owner of Cafe Navarre responded on Facebook calling them "Food terrorists" and says they will serve the menu item as long as there is a demand for the dish.

In a statement sent to us, the owner also says it has been proven that the animals endure no pain or suffering.

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