Michana AMTRAK riders not phased by derailment in Washington

NOW: Michana AMTRAK riders not phased by derailment in Washington

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- Michiana AMTRAK riders are saying this is a tragic and unfortunate incident, but based on personal experience they do not fear going for a ride.

A couple who is planning a trip from South Bend to Vancouver, Washington bought their tickets on Monday.

Based on Monday morning’s derailment, they say it’s something that should not hinder your future traveling plans.

“Those things happen and it’s sad that it happened but you have accidents in cars and planes and fall down the stairs,” says Bonnie Meister.

Don and Bonnie Meister have been on the AMTRAK train out of South Bend more times than they can count and every single time has been positive, “ Very safe, very safe.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for the more than 80 passengers aboard an AMTRAK train.

The train was making it’s way from Seattle to Portland, the first trip of its kind, when all of a sudden 13 out of 14 train cars derailed.

AMTRAK tells ABC57 the train that derailed was a regional one. Representatives at the Niles station say there are high speed trains called “Acela”, which aren’t available here in Michiana.


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