Michiana bakeries prep for their busiest day of the year, Paczki Day

NOW: Michiana bakeries prep for their busiest day of the year, Paczki Day


Tuesday February 21, 2023 is Fat Tuesday, or more lovingly called  across Michiana, Paczki Day.

In North Liberty, Over the Top Bakery and Cafe, is living up to their namesake preparing for their busiest day or the year, the only Tuesday they open their doors in honor of the tasty tradition. 

This will be Vivian Bolen and her sister Annette's 9th year celebrating the holiday with over 5,000 paczki and a traditional New Orleans Style lunch in honor of the Mardi Gras season, that will include a Muffaletta Sandwich and Shrimp Gumbo.

The sister duo and a team of volunteers and workers have been working around the clock to prepare for the big day, some clocking in more than 13 hours, and still will be coming in bright and early Tuesday morning. They walked ABC57's Jackie Bauer through this intricate process of making the fried polish treat.

Over the Top Bakery and Cafe will have all the classic flavors and Over the Top originals that are anything but traditional including; Strawberry and Cream, Peaches and Cream, Chocolate Turtle, Salted Carmel, Chocolate raspberry, White Dream, Cinnamin Apple Pue, Prune, Rasberry, Blueberry, Bavarian Chocolate, and lemon. 

Paczki day is traditionally a Polish Catholic holiday that originated from Catholics cleaning out goods that are traditionally given up for Lenton fasts from their pantries, and using up the eggs, butter, and sugar to bake Paczki. But Vivian says everyone is encouraged to grab a paczki and lunch regardless of their faith or background.

This year, instead of people trying to clear their pantries of eggs, sugar, and butter, these goods are priced at an all time high due to inflation.

 "with the price increases and stuff there's a couple of flavors we couldn’t offer--the eggs and butter really effect a lot on the paczki dough.. so we tried to keep the prices in our small community as low as we possibly can," said Bolen.

But luckily the slight price increase, hasn't cost the small local shop any business, they are just as ready to take on the holiday as ever despite inflation, reminding that the fresh ingredients and each element is what makes the seasonal staple so special.

"Oh it just looks like a regular donut, but if you taste it, it doesn't taste like just a regular donut," adding Bolen.

Over the Top is no longer taking online orders, but luckily Paczki season isn't over tomorrow, they will be available at the North Liberty shop until the 25th.   

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