Michiana Brits host 36th annual British Car Show

NOW: Michiana Brits host 36th annual British Car Show

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Today, June 23, Michiana Brits hosted their 36th annual British car show at Saint Mary's College.

Local British car enthusiasts showed up in their classic cars and visitors were able to observe over 50 cars and vote on their favorite.

"All these cars are all are pretty local. We've got one from Columbus, Indiana. We got some from Michigan. We got some from the Chicago area," stated Jim Betz the show chairman of Michiana Brits. 

Cars were awarded in each class, and they even awarded a best in show.  

Guests for this event were even asked to bring a non-perishable food item or a donation to benefit The Food Bank of Nothern Indiana.

"Well, we do this every year, this is 36th annual of the car show and this year the focus is on right hand drive cars with as a featured mark and along with that we're trying to support the Food Bank of Northern Indiana," says Betz.

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