Michiana church using chalkboards for outreach to community

A church in Michiana is using chalkboards to inspire the community and spark positive conversations. Light and Life Wesleyan Church in Three Rivers recently joined in on the "Before I Die" movement.

It all started in 2011 when a New Orleans woman lost someone close to her and fell into depression. Candy Chang needed a way to cope so she began to write on the walls of an abandoned house. That is when the whole movement began and grew.

Years later, Before I Die walls are present in 73 different countries and in 36 different languages created by people all around the world.

The church in Three Rivers just put their chalkboard outside the church less than two weeks ago and have already seen positive results.

“We have them planted out here on our property with the invitation to come up and just go ahead and write something down. It’s just been up for a very few days and we’ve got a good response so far,” said Church Pastor Sam Maddox.

The chalkboards are open for anyone to come by to finish the sentence of "Before I die."

“I think it’s to appreciate the moments that we do have, moments that we often take for granted every day,” Maddox added.

Some of the writings are as simple as "Before I die I wish to get out of debt" or even something that pertains to a personal journey.

“Before I die, I wrote, I want to see a cure for cancer," said Church Member Mary Faist. That sentence has a special meaning to her.

“I am a breast cancer survivor. For those that are dealing with cancer, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your faith. We never walk a journey without a reason,” she added.

To learn more about this movement, click here.

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