Michiana community coming together to help grieving Rochester families

NOW: Michiana community coming together to help grieving Rochester families


AKRON, Ind – Fulton County community came together Saturday evening for a fundraiser at Tippecanoe Valley High School to help support grieving Rochester family effected by the October 30thaccident that killed Alivia Stahl, her twin brothers Mason and Xzavier Ingle and injuring Maverik Lowe. 

“Other schools donated food, one of the schools donated baked beans, I mean this is family,” Tippecanoe Valley High School kitchen manager Shelly Holloway said.  

The incident occurred when 24 year old Alyssa Shepherd drove past a Fulton County school bus’s extended stop arm hitting the four children. 

“Shortly after the incident we came back and knew we wanted to try to do something for the families realizing they’re going to have a lot of expenses,” Mentone Fire Chief Mike Yazel said. 

Local businesses and neighbors donated money, over 700 pounds of meat was donated and hundreds of people showed up to show that they care and that they’re supporting the family. 

Since the incident occurred the bus stop where the accident happened has already been relocated and the districts transportation safety committee is re-examining all of the district’s bus stops. 

There was not a specific fundraising goal set for Saturday’s fundraiser but organizers said they hope to raise enough to cover the families’ expenses. 

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