Michiana company celebrates Cubs World Series win with unique merchandise

For the first time ever, a Warsaw company is making Cubs World Series merchandise.

YouTheFan has a 3-d view of Wrigley Field, which will be in stores in a couple of weeks and they’ll offer a “sportula” with the Cubs championship logo on it. 

“As a business we’ve never done anything like this, hot market or championship gear. We’ve never done anything with it before but we just couldn’t resist it,” said David Bazzion, the president of YouTheFan.

Thursday morning, after the Cubs won the World Series, David Bazzion and his team at YouTheFan sent out an email blast to retail stores showing off the brand new Cubs “sportula” and its personalized 3-d view of Wrigley field.

“Almost 100% of them called us back or emailed us back so it’s been quite a good run this morning for the business and all the cubs fans out there,” said Bazzion.

As you the fan continues to take orders, the company hopes to ship the product out by November 21 and plans on producing more than 20,000 items.

“I have emails pouring in right now. I’ve had phone calls all morning. Thanks to the Cubs. When the Cubs win, we win,” said Marc Roth the Vice President of sales for the company.

 Josh Ogden, the company’s graphic designer, says making this particular product made him a little nervous. “It was a little nerve wrecking making something for the cubs that was champion related before they had won.”

And although Ogden is a die- hard cubs fan, he had to make a Cleveland Indians championship logo, just in case.

 “I did not want to see that logo. did not want to imagine that that product would be available to the public in a couple of weeks,” said Ogden.

David Hamrick, president of the Party Shop Hallmark, one of the retail stores that already has its order in for these cubs products.

 “Obviously Cubs fans love to have their merchandise and now they’re world series champions first time in 108 years, there’s going to be a big turnout of people wanting to commemorate that and celebrate that so we’re super excited about the holidays coming up,” said Hamrick.      

He’s already accepting pre-orders at his store. The Cubs sportula is $24.99 and the 3-D view of Wrigley Field goes for $249.99. 

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