Michiana farmers concerned about crops after deep freeze

NILES, Mich – Michiana area farmers are concerned about their crops after the deep freeze in early February. 

“We are concerned about fruit trees that are gonna be in production this coming season and also my blueberry plants as well,” Eckler farms owner Larry Eckler said. 

The early February polar vortex brought subzero temperatures hit the area which damaged plants and crops and growers are now assessing the damage. 

Growers know that some crops are damaged but it is unknown the full extent of the damage. 

If the damage winds up being relatively low things won’t change, but if the damage is significant and large amount of crops are damaged it could affect prices. 

“If there’s not enough to go around just like anything else supply and demand will dictate 

the price on things,” Eckler said. 

Eckler says he will be able to fully assess the extent of the damage in the upcoming weeks. 

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