Michiana loves pizza on Super Bowl Sunday

SOUTH BEND, IND. -- Many football fans decided not to get off the couch and have a hot piece of pizza delivered right to their front door.

"It makes my wife happy when she doesn't have to cook", said Hungry Howie's delivery driver Chris Aemmer.

Many Michiana residents opted to skip the chips and dip and accompany their Super Bowl beer with a cheese pizza from Hungry Howie's, which means workers at Hungry Howie's did not get to see much of the game, because they had to work.

"I don't like to miss an opportunity to watch the Patriots lose, ecause it doesn't happen very often. So it kind of pulls at my heartstrings", said Aemmer.

Even though Chris Aemmer is a little sad he can not watch the Super Bowl, he said making money in this tough economy is worth missing the big game. Aemmer has been looking for work for four months and now this is his second day delivering pizzas at Hungry Howie's.

"I have been pounding the pavement for quite a while now," said Aemmer.

He says pounding the pavement was well worth it, because the tips have been pretty good this Super Bowl Sunday.

"When you drink you eat and when you eat you order pizza," said Aemmer. And the customers have been pretty happy too.

"Because we are lazy," said Aemmer.

Chris Aemmer is currently a student at I.U.S.B. and said the tips he made on Super Bowl Sunday will be put towards his tuition.

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