Michiana man working to help with WV relief effort

The cleanup effort after the flooding in West Virginia will continue for a while and now people in Michiana are coming together to offer support.

Jeff Casto was born and raised in West Virginia but now lives in Michiana. When the storm hit his hometown this past week, he knew he had to help.

“I just want to try to get enough stuff around, try to give them some type of comfort. It’s hard to do when they’ve lost everything,” Casto said.

Throughout the past couple days he has raised a couple thousand dollars that he has used to buy supplies to take to the hardest hit areas.

He still has family and friends who live in the area; some who have lost everything. “It’s just utter devastation. You can’t even imagine what it would feel like to have to run from your house up onto the hillside and watch the water wash your house and belongings away in a matter of seconds,” he added.

On Thursday he has plans to make the trip to West Virginia to deliver the first round of supplies.

“We were getting trash bags and paper towels and then all at once it’s like, we need to get baby formula, we need to get diapers,” he said.

Casto said everything is needed from basic needs to cleaning supplies and more. Thursday he plans to take a van full of supplies as well as a 16 foot trailer piled high.

If you want to get involved and help in the relief, you can contact Jeff Casto at 574-320-9510.

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