Michiana men create the first patented choke free collar

Michiana animal lovers are teaming up to keep your pet safe. They’ve created a collar that they call “the future of dog walking.”

It’s called the Krauser Kollar. The collar is one-of-a-kind because it’s the only one to go around the dog’s neck, but never touches the throat.

It is the only patented dog collar in the country. It’s meant to prevent your dog from choking and help you train your dog to walk safely.

 “I was an animal control officer for five and a half years. I thought about this idea and I didn’t want to see dogs choke anymore,” said Brad Braydon, the inventor of the collar.

“I saw so many dogs choke and we started using it, really experimenting with it and we hit a home run because we’ve been from Las Vegas to here doing shows,” Braydon said.

Choke chains, pinch collars and shock collars have been used time and time again, but they can cause damage to the dog’s neck and trachea. This collar is comfortable and calms dogs during stressful situations and prevents choking and pulling.

“The unique part of this collar is it’s not like any other training collar,” said West Todd, Owner and Trainer of ‘Well-Balanced Dog.’

“That’s out there all the other training collars resort to force based methods,” Todd said.

They’ve worked on developing the collar for three years now. Now, they’re ready to sell. They’ve received a lot of praise and recognition, especially at the annual Pet Expo in South Bend. They’re hoping to get the collar in retail stores nationwide.

The collar is available online at http://www.krauserpetproduct.com/

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