Michiana native gets surprise from employer, sees son play in person at NCAA Tournament

Princeton player Devin Cannady is a former player at Marian High School. His father, who lives in Elkhart, wasn't going planning to go to Buffalo for the NCAA tournament - but was able to see his son play at the last minute thanks to a surprise his employer.

Although Princeton lost to Notre Dame in the first round game, Devin was proud to have his father at the game.

"I know he's a hard worker and it's tough for him to get off work," Devin said.

Tony Cannady wasn't planning to go to Buffalo from Elkhart, but his company, Lippert Components, didn't want him to miss this once in a lifetime moment.

"Knowing that the company that I work for cares so much about family first and offer me this opportunity, you know giving me tickets, it was very emotional, I was speechless and I was very emotional and it was phenomenal that a company was able to do that to watch me see my son play," said Tony.

Through the heartbreak and agony, Devin appreciated the kind gesture and says it speaks to the kind of man who raised him.

"It's a credit to him and him putting in the work and you know never turning and batting an eye, turning away from a challenge or anything, so he put in the work in terms of his job to get out here so I thank them for allowing him to come. I'm sorry we couldn't continue this run," Devin said.

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