Michiana prepares for Thanksgiving during a pandemic

NOW: Michiana prepares for Thanksgiving during a pandemic

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- As the fall wave of COVID continues to devastate much of Michiana, the community is preparing for an unprecedented holiday. The CDC is now recommending that people do not travel for the holiday.

"My entire family has known for months that we’re not going to get together for Thanksgiving this year," said Deb Drummond, who's family will be gathering virtually this year. "We’re probably going to order dinner from The Skillet and we’re gonna talk to our families by either Zoom or Facebook or on the telephone."

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant, which is usually packed on Thanksgiving, is also making adjustments to keep customers safe.

"This year our biggest transition is we’ve gone from a buffet in the restaurant on two different floors and you would seat all four floors to this year it’s a holiday menu that’s a plated menu," said Kevin Jakel, the restaurant's general manager. "We are also offering takeout options the day of but that’s probably the biggest change but it’s probably only going to be 30 to 35 percent of our normal business."

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant is only taking reservations this year for dine-in customers.

Drummond says she doesn't sacrificing a large gathering for Thanksgiving if it means keeping her family safe for future celebrations. 

"Well it’s hard because it’s not the same but we’re in the middle of a pandemic and we have to do this so we can get together next year and have everybody at the table," said Drummond.

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