Michiana prepares for winter's comeback in March

NOW: Michiana prepares for winter’s comeback in March


Michiana has been blessed with spring-like weather for the first few weeks of March.  But starting Sunday night, big changes headed to the region.

Winter is coming back, with a bit of a vengeance. 

Tammy Suemoore is one of the many who were enjoying the weather at the Mishawaka Riverwalk Sunday afternoon. 

"[I'm] walking with my friend, and just enjoying this weather before the snow comes," explains Suemoore.

The community, and the geese, both parading through the park, getting a taste of the sun. 

"It's a really nice day out," says Zach Petrie, another visitor to the Riverwalk. "I kind of decided to not sit around the house, and I wanted to go out and do something."

But in just 24 hours, the Riverwalk will look a little different. 

With an expected 3-4 inches of snow piling up by late Monday night, winter is making its return.

"I don't want it," says Suemoore. "I'm ready for spring. Whether we've had spring-like weather or not."

Unlike those taking a Sunday stroll, one person is looking forward to the snowfall.

"It's kinda nice if i does snow. But at the same time, we don't hold our breathe because this is the time of year where the fluctuation of the weather isn't exactly the greatest," says Christopher Johnson.

Johnson owns Mow Hoe N' Blow, a lawn care and snow removal company based in Mishawaka.

Business has been a little slow this season.

"I try to offer different services and stuff, and different job positions for my employees and stuff so that way they can be financially stable throughout the year," he adds. 

Either way, he's making sure his employees are ready to go.

"We'll keep an eye on the weather pretty closely," explains Johnson. "We offer 24 hour services, so we always keep an eye when we know snow and stuff is coming."

He's ready, no matter what mother nature decides to bring this way.

"I love all types of weather, so it doesn't bother me," Johnson says. "If we're not doing snow removal, we're doing something else for the customers."

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