Michiana provides generator help to East Coast

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- From New York to DC, millions of people are without power.

Long before Sandy made landfall, stores out east sold out of emergency generators and some people in Michiana are lending a helping hand.

In a storm of this scale, the shoreline and the power lines barely stand a chance. Sandy brought blackouts along with her whipping winds.

While emergency supplies are nearly sold out in Sandy's path, Rick Gravender, at the Mishawaka Home Depot, is helping from hundreds of miles away.

"I’m a little surprised they're coming this far," said Gravender."We had people here for Notre Dame parents weekend who live on the East Coast, purchasing the portable generators from us.”

Sales are surging from worried parents here to visit students, but stocking for the kids they left powerless back East.  

"I had a couple in here Saturday who purchased and they were taking it to their son who lives in New Jersey because they couldn't find one in any of the stores out there," said Gravender.

Those same powerful winds could cause power problems in Michiana. Preparation is key and Gravender said he's ready.

“We are making sure we are fully stocked up on our flashlight batteries, chainsaws all our equipment for cleaning up.”

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