Michiana reacts to White House race

On Wednesday morning, ABC 57 News asked Michiana residents to share their thoughts on Hillary Clinton becoming America's first female presumptive presidential nominee. 

One Michiana woman, Deb Hilliker, says she's ready for change.

"It's phenomenal I just never ever thought I'd see a woman in office it's mind blowing but it's time for it time for a change not working the way it's been working so now we need to try something different," said HIlliker.

Another Michiana resident tells ABC 57 News, he is looking forward to the idea of Hillary Clinton becoming the country's next president.

"Her approach when it comes to war, more compassion towards underprivileged, equal rights for all," said Jamie Amos, an Elkhart resident.

"I'm looking forward to a more equal for both men and women, women are struggling trying to get equal pay and also the compassionate side, hopefully these wars can stop maybe she can find something that the men can't, maybe she can get people to work better together and live more peacefully," said Hilliker.

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