Michiana resident partners with a principal to give away coats to those in need

NOW: Michiana resident partners with a principal to give away coats to those in need


SOUTH BEND, Ind -- Hats, boots, and coats are just some of the things people were able to take home for free during a local giveaway.

Organizers say although the event was amazing, they were expecting more people to take advantage of the giveaway.

"I think it’s kind of cool that you’re giving stuff away to like people in need but I thought there would be a lot more people here," said participant Samuel Langham.

A free winter giveaway at Marquette Primary Montessori Academy Sunday gave families a chance to come out and stock up on the essentials but the turnout wasn't as strong as organizers hoped.

They tell me going into it they had no idea to expect.

"We didn’t if we’d have five coats and 500 people or 500 coats and five people so i think this is a learning experience in the sense of we kind of know how many coats we can get. We kind of know how much to put the word out ahead of time," said event organizer and Marquette Academy Matt Emery.

Regardless of Sunday’s outcome they will be sure that kids in the community get what they need this season.

"While we didn’t give out thousands of coats for this three hour period, bets believe we’re going to give some of these out as we move forward," said Emery.

There was something for everyone, even adults, to make sure Michiana is ready for the drop in temperatures.

Those who made it out say they have gratitude for the members of their community.

"Especially around these times, around Christmas there’s a lot of people that need a little bit of help and you know we seen it so we reached out so we appreciate everything that the community does for us," said participant Shawn Benson.

Parents participating say they’re happy to give to others while also encouraging their own children to get what they need for the winter season.

"Get your gloves, get your hats, get your boots and your jackets because it’s gone be cold," said participant Don Lacefield.

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