Michiana residents looking to beat the heat

St. Joseph, MI -- Michiana residents and visitors alike will have to brave some hot temperatures, with the possibility of a heat index reaching into the triple digits.

“I watched the weather updates and I did see that we’re gonna have a heat wave this week," said Greg Chandler, a visitor from Grand Rapids.

Paired with the humidity, there is worry about people needing to cool off, particularly the elderly.

Kelly Deyber says “I’m concerned for the older people getting out, in and out.”

“Older people, like my mother, she can’t really handle the heat," said Nicolas Perales, a visitor from Chicago.

Some will stay cool by staying inside.

“Fortunately I’m going to be in air-conditioned comfort where I work so I’m not too worried about it," said Chandler.

But for those who don't have the option to stay indoors, the CDC recommends that people wear loose, comfortable clothing and to pace daily activities to keep from being overworked in the high heat.

And of course -- drink plenty of water.

“You just gotta make sure you’re hydrated and everything," said Chandler.

Perales added "Drink lots of water and stay hydrated."

They also added some other tips on how to beat the heat:


Chandler recommended: “Try and get some shade.”

“Get wet too, I guess," said Perales.

Kelly Deyber said “We’re going to the splash pad, probably for the next couple of days, just splash around.”

“Just make sure that you take care of yourself," added Chandler.

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