Michiana residents say they're not afraid to travel this holiday season

Michiana residents traveling this holiday season said they’re not too worried about flying.

South Bend International Airport was quiet Thanksgiving morning but gradually filled with Michiana residents eager to head home, or to vacation, for the holidays.

AAA estimates 3.6 million Americans will fly to a Thanksgiving destination this year and nearly 42 million Americans will road trip to dinner.

Despite the State Department issuing a worldwide travel alert for Americans in wake of recent terror attacks, Michiana residents said they’ll continue to fly in an effort to show fear will not win.

“I just don’t feel like I should stop my life [because of threats],” Goshen resident Mardi Lambdin said. “You gotta be a bit more careful, maybe, but I’m not really scared. I’m looking forward to [flying to vacation].”

Lambdin was traveling to Florida Thanksgiving morning and said a growing fear throughout the world of possible terrorist attacks would not keep her from traveling.

“I’m excited about [traveling],” Lambdin said. “I’m a little bit more nervous than normal but I still think flying is safer than any other way to travel. I’ve done it so many times it doesn’t really bother me.”

Lambdin’s thoughts were echoed by fellow Michiana traveler Donna Lambert.

“I’m just going about my regular day,” Lambert said. “I wanted to go on vacation; it’s not gonna stop me.”

Thanksgiving Day flights started departing from South Bend International Airport just after 6 a.m. 

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