Michiana schools increase safety measures

NOW: Michiana schools increase safety measures

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- School is a few weeks away for students across Indiana, and before the first bell rings, ABC57 wanted to know what changes the districts plan to implement this year to keep kids safe. 

Students will soon fill these empty desks and hallways, but before the first day, educators in Michiana are giving a lesson in school safety. 

"Safety is our highest priority," said Mike Seger. 

Seger is the director of safety and student services at Penn-Harris-Madison.

"I take a look at anything from a safety standpoint to risk management," said Seger. 

He said the district looks at preventative measures and changes that could increase school safety at least a year in advance. 

"Be proactive, be preventative, and try to mitigate any circumstances that may arise," said Seger. 

One of those changes if CrisisGo. It's an app that will be tested throughout this school year at Penn High School and it allows the school to communicate with each other in the event of a crisis, but Penn-Harris-Madison isn't the only school making changes. Starting this fall, New Prairie Schools will start using Raptor Technologies. It's an app that allows more accurately tracks visitors and allows teachers and administrators to communicate with each other in the event of an emergency. Now both schools say you can expect to see technology playing a bigger role in keeping schools safe.

"Technology is everywhere, and without a doubt, there's an application for everything," said Seger. 

"We just felt that it was a common sense way to improve or tighten up," said Dr. Paul White. White is the superintendent of New Prairie Schools. 

Educators say it's important to be proactive because each year parents trust schools to keep their children safe. 

“I have two kids of my own that come to this school district everyday so not only am I responsible professionally, but personally as well," said White. 

“We’re thinking outside the box in any way we can effectively implement a safety program for the safety of our students, for our staff, and our administration," said Seger. 

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