Michiana to be treated to great view of Jupiter

If you're into astronomy, you'll want to venture outside Monday night. Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, will reach its closest point to Earth of 2019. 

It's an event called "opposition." According to NASA, it's when the Sun, Earth and Jupiter align in a straight line with Earth sitting in the middle. 

Jupiter in opposition.
Jupiter will rise in the east around sunset Monday evening, and remain big and bright in the night sky into Tuesday morning before setting in the western sky. The absolute best time to see the gas giant with the notorious Great Red Spot will be around midnight Monday night. That's when it will be highest in the night sky.

Clear skies are expected Monday evening thru Tuesday morning.
With Jupiter set to be so close, you will also be able to view its four brightest moons using binoculars or a telescope according to Sky & Telescope. Those would be Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Jupiter won't only be visible to the naked eye Monday night. It will be in the sky all weekend long, but the weather may not support a view of the planet. As it looks now, though, Mother Nature will cooperate to perfection for the opposition event Monday night. Skies should be entirely clear and temperatures on the comfortably cool side! 

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