Michiana Trump supporters happy with rally

Donald Trump’s Michiana supporters were pleased with what the Republican frontrunner said to them during his South Bend rally.

“[It was] awesome!” one female Trump supporter said. “I like that he’s a straight-talker.”

Thousands of Trump supporters filled South Bend’s Century Center Monday evening, as the GOP frontrunner pushed for last-minute Hoosier votes.

“I pretty much liked all of it,” another female Trump supporter said. “I liked that he’s gonna stop the trade and have the jobs stay here; that he’s going to fix Obamacare.”

The overflow crowd responded passionately to Trump’s speech.

“I love Donald’s ‘America first,’” a third female Trump supporter said. “I love the fact that he’s gonna take the illegals and put them back and they’re gonna have to come legally if they wanna come, and they’re gonna have to be American if they come back.”

That same supporter added, “I love that [Trump is] gonna fix the ‘Common Core’ and he’s gonna fix Medicare and he’s gonna fix the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership] and cancel that out.”

Trump touched on a number of issues during the speech, but he consistently reminded his supporters how important it is to vote in Tuesday’s Indiana primary.      

His supporters loved every minute of the evening.

“[If I was] an American, I would feel very patriotic to what’s said because [Trump is] putting America first,” a male Trump supporter, who traveled from Indonesia to hear him speak in South Bend, said.

“I think coming to see Donald Trump was a great experience!” another male Trump supporter said.

Many supporters said they felt Trump’s speech focused on putting America first and uniting the country by being strong – something many of them were looking forward to hearing. 

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