Michiana veteran celebrates Independence Day

SOUTH BEND, Ind - Michiana resident and veteran Jim McKinnies says he keeps in mind the true meaning of Independence Day.

McKinnies who served in the Iraq War says he enjoys the food, fireworks, and celebration but the true meaning is of the holiday is remembering the sacrifice made by those before us.

“It marks the Independence of us as a sovereign nation, as a country that expresses liberty, and gives liberty to its people” McKinnies said.

McKinnies says despite the flaws the country has there are rights afforded to Citizens of this country that he feels we should enjoy.

“It doesn’t mean that our country is perfect in anyway but it does mean that we do have some rights that are afforded to us that have been sacrificed for us to be able to enjoy as Americans each and every day” McKinnies said.

After a fun-filled Independence Day McKinnies says he is looking forward to celebrating the United States’ 243rd Independence Day next year.

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