Michiana voters detail expectations of Mayor Pete Buttigieg

NOW: Michiana voters detail expectations of Mayor Pete Buttigieg


Before the Democratic primary presidential debate, we spoke with voters in Michiana about Mayor Pete Buttigieg as a presidential candidate.

“I think Mayor Pete is really outstanding. Now, he’s so different from any other political contender that that’s kind of hard to deal with but I really am impressed with how he’s carrying himself," Spencer French said.

“If there’s ever a jump from mayor to presidency, actually following through with some of the promises made to the local people," Michael Boyd said.

“What I like most right now is that he’s answering questions so well, he’s very direct. He doesn’t deflect," Debbie Harvey said.

In the debates, some Michiana voters said they want to see the mayor focus more on how he’ll address systemic racism. Others want to hear more about his environmental policy.

Most of all, they would like to hear more from the mayor on stage.

“I think what he’s doing is awesome but I’m not every single person watching the debates and I think some people are wanting to hear those clap backs, those snarky comments to show he’s ahead of the other people. Do I think he should change himself to be like that? But I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s prepared some answers like that in order to shine," French said.

The mayor has the third highest polling numbers of the candidates in Tuesday night's debate. He is trailing Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders.

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