Michiana weather doesn't stop Black Friday shoppers

ABC 57 checked out stores all across Michiana overnight for the Black Friday turnout.

We found shoppers shrugged off the cold weather and made their way out to find the best deals.

Some told us it was a family tradition, while others were just looking for something to do after their Thanksgiving Day meal.

Bargain hunters were greeted by slush, ice, a few falling flakes and very cold temperatures.

We even spotted a few plow drivers clearing spots for drivers.

One shopper said this year's weather was better than last year's, adding, "well it was colder. I wasn't, snow wasn't as bad, roads weren't as bad, but it was a lot colder, a lot windier last year."

Customers told us they snagged a number of deals, including: jeans, sweaters, T.V.s, and mini iPads for $199.

They top the late night and early morning off, by adding it put them in the holiday spirit.

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