Michiana woman worried about family in Ukraine

NOW: Michiana woman worried about family in Ukraine


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The Ukraine Russia crisis might seem like a world away, but for Natali Corpal it hits home here in South Bend — as she speaks with her family minutes after bombs go off in their Ukrainian village.

“It make me sick and nervous. And I really, really worried about them," said Corpal.

Corpal has lived in South Bend for 26 years after getting married, but she was born and raised in Ukraine. Her sisters, nephews, and grandsons all still live there.

“They live 25 miles away they hear explosion. Huge explosion, everyday. She told me she already have suitcases ready all documents if they have to move, evacuation, they’ll be moving and I told them if you have to leave and you have opportunity come here and stay with me," said Corpal.

Her 2 grandsons enlisted themselves in the fight against Russia. One was left in reserves — the other wasn’t heard from for 4 days, but Monday night she learned he’s safe.

“Younger grandson show up again. Nobody knows can’t talk where he was whatever happened all is that he’s okay," said Corpal.

Rejoicing the good news she flips through photographs — remembering the life she once lived in her homeland. Hoping that one day it’ll see peace again.

“I hope they find out somehow peace talk or whatever because it’s not go good for nobody," said Corpal.

Natali says it’s been difficult to help her family with all the bombings, but she’s checking in with them everyday praying they’ll be reunited safely.

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