Michiana's Menu: Grill 362 unites the community with food that brings the heat

Michiana’s Menu: Grill 362 unites the community with food that brings the heat

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Sound the alarm because this week’s Michiana’s Menu brings the heat! Located on the West side of South Bend, Grill 362 is a staple for several in the community. The American style menu and warm atmosphere are worth the visit of course, but maybe the most unique part? The owners.

“It is something outside of work you can take pride in and kind of take care of and want to see do well,” says Ryan Takacs, South Bend Fire Department PIO.  

The grill is owned by the South Bend Firefighters Association. The firefighters themselves work to help maintain the restaurant. Because of this, customers can expect some familiar faces!

“We are in all of the neighborhoods but it is that community aspect,” says Takacs.  “We like to be out in the community as much as possible making those connections.”

Throughout Grill 362, you can find photos honoring the departments and people who continue to protect the lives of many. It is a place for the community to show their support to first responders. The grill reflects on all who have served their communities and country, and shows just how important it is to unite together in times of struggle and victory.

And of course, visitors can’t help but also reflect on that menu!

“Just feeding people and making them smile, just bringing them happiness, it is comforting, I like to see them smile,” says Philip Wardlow, Chef at Grill 362.  

Phil Wardlow is the man behind the kitchen at Grill 362. He has been cooking for nearly 25 years, 5 of which have been spent with the SBFD.  For him, working alongside firefighters and serving others in the community are some of the most rewarding parts. His passion is reflected in his dishes!

“Everything is made with love and homemade with love for what I can,” says Wardlow.  

The menu offers everything from soups, to sandwiches, burgers and wraps! Several officers with the St. Joseph County Police Department have Grill 362 on their list of weekly lunch visits! For them, it’s the menu and the people that keep them coming back.

Plan your next visit here.

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