Michiana's Menu: Hi Ho Chop Suey has been 'stirring' things up for 49 years

Michiana’s Menu: Hi Ho Chop Suey has been ’stirring’ things up for 49 years

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- For this week’s Michiana’s Menu, we wanted to stir things up which led us to Hi Ho Chop Suey. The Mishawaka staple has been offering authentic and delicious Chinese dishes for 49 years.

The restaurant first opened in 1972, and stayed in one family for two generations. But for the past 30 years, customers have known one familiar face. Meet Jane Zheng.

“When the business is good, then everybody is good,” says Zheng.  

Jane now runs and operates the restaurant after buying it from the original owners. But she was no stranger to the restaurant business! She first moved to America with her brother when she was just 18 years old. She managed restaurants in Kentucky and Pennsylvania before making Mishawaka her home away from home.

At the time, Jane moved to America not even fluent in English yet, but continued to persist through these setbacks. Every day she hopes to create a continued sense of community for her customers, and offer some yummy food, too.

“I hope I can do my best to keep it going, things happen but just keep going,” says Zheng.  

And she has had a bit of help along the way! Jane’s two children have grown up in the restaurant business! As kids, they would lend a hand. Now the two, find themselves visiting from college craving their mother’s delicious dishes.

And speaking of those dishes…

Delicious they are! Jane explains the restaurant offers Cantonese dishes, which are different from Mandarin. Cantonese focuses on fresh vegetables, some seafood, less oil and more steaming of the food.

“China is big! They have many things different,” says Zheng. “Mandarin is when they mostly cook with the oil, powder, and Mandarin more distinct that’s more steam, that’s different”

The restaurant offers everything from sweet and sour chicken, to snow crab, curry shrimp, and more!

Plan your visit here.

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