Michiana's Menu: People's choice! Michiana votes on the best fish fry

Michiana’s Menu: People’s choice! Michiana votes on the best fish fry

NILES, Mich. -- Friday Fish Frys are a staple for many in the community, especially during the Lenten season. But where can you find the best fried fish? On this week’s Michiana’s Menu, ABC57 decided to take it to social media and see what you all thought, what is the best fish fry? This led us to St. Johns United Church of Christ.

St. John’s puts on four fish frys throughout the year. The event attracts people in the community beyond their own church members.

“There are a lot of people who do not come to our church or other events they just come to fish frys and that is the only time we get to see them,” says Kayleigh Sabat, organizer.  

Due to the pandemic, the church took an entire year off from their tradition. But this past March, they were finally able to once again serve the community with a carry out only event. Everyone was delighted to enjoy a dish of fried fish, cole slaw, and french fries as well as some sense of normalcy.

“I was out here in the dining room and that was the nice thing you just heard people laughing and kidding and you have not heard laughter like that in a long time,” says Joan Schmidt, organizer.

St. Johns welcomed a total of 200 visitors. Typically, their fish fries range from 200 to 500 people. But what makes their fish so good? Maybe it is all in the routine. The church has been hosting fish frys since 1992. The process, is detailed...and consistent. Now, the community is happier than ever to hear that the fish frys are back! Their next one? April 23rd.

For information about how to attend, visit here.

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