Michigan ballot proposals: Road tax fails, two school-related proposals pass

Some Cass County and St. Joseph County residents voted on ballot proposals Tuesday.

Three Rivers School Bond Proposal - Passed with more than 65% voting in favor

One of the issues on the ballot is the bond proposal for Three Rivers Community Schools. The ballot measure would extend the current mills (4.7) for the next ten years.

If passed, it would raise $61,345,000 to improve the district's facilities and sites.

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Career and Technical Education Proposal  - Passed with more than 60% voting in favor

Another proposal is for the Career and Technical Education program for the Saint Joseph County Intermediate School District.

Another proposal would be a 1.0 mill levy that would provide funding to Career Prep and Work-Based Learning (Co-op), would add more CTE class options and would make CTE more sustainable in the future, according to information provided by the district.

The levy would generate approximately $2.3 million a year.

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Calvin Township Road Tax - defeated - 56% voted no - 44% voted yes.

Residents in Calvin Township will be voting on a 2.5 mills increase to pay for road construction, improvement and maintenance. It is expected to raise approximately $215,690 in the first year, if it passes, according to the ballot initiative.

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