Michigan City mayor still facing calls to resign

NOW: Michigan City mayor still facing calls to resign

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind.--- Michigan City Mayor Duane Parry is still facing calls to resign after apologizing for racist remarks. Parry held a press conference on Wednesday to publicly apologize and announce that he would engage in sensitivity training along with creating a new position to encourage diversity and be a community liason.

"I’m glad to see Mayor Parry is addressing what happened," said Joseph Haney (R), Vice President of the La Porte County Board of Commissioners. "I’m glad that he’s taking some steps to try and move forward."

Some community members say that Parry's apologizes did not go far enough and he must resign to truly be held accountable for his actions.

"What we’re expecting is for him to resign because he has proven to us he is not the one that’s fit for the job that he has." said Dwayne Hurt, Pastor of New Covenant Outreach Ministries.

Others say they're disappointed that taxpayers are having to foot the bill for Parry's discretions. 

"Not give diversity training to the people of Michigan City because they weren’t the ones and then you want to take taxpayer dollars out of our pockets to pay for something you said out of your mouth," said James Lane, Pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. "We’re going to try take every legal measure that we can to get our mayor to resign and allow this city to choose someone with the right heart."

Parry still faces a vote of no confidence from the Michigan City City Council. That vote is expect to take place at the council's next meeting. 

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