Michigan consultant to review ISTEP

Indiana Governor Mike Pence says Edward Roeber, of Michigan, will review the ISTEP test to determine how it can be shortened for 2015.

On Monday, the governor signed an Executive Order to shorten the length of ISTEP. The length of the ISTEP was anticipated to last up to 12 hours for third graders this year, twice as long as the 2014 test.

“Hoosier families can be assured that we will shorten this test,” said Governor Pence. “With more than four decades devoted to educational assessment, Edward Roeber is a nationally-recognized consultant who has the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to conduct a thorough and efficient review of Indiana's 2015 ISTEP test. I appreciate his willingness to bring his expertise to the table and craft a solution to this issue in a way that will be less burdensome to Hoosier students and families while still maintaining accountability for schools.”

Roeber has a doctorate in measurement and evaluation from the University of Michigan, and is a consultant to the Michigan Assessment Consortium and is a managing partner in Assessment Solutions Group.

The contract will have a maximum cost of $22,000 for two phases of work at $11,000 each.

For the first phase, Roeber will conduct an initial analysis and make recommendations for spring 2015 by February 20.

For the second phase, Roeber will consult for spring 2016 if phase one recommendations impact next year's test.

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