Michigan easing more restrictions starting June 1

NOW: Michigan easing more restrictions starting June 1

NILES, Mich. -- Some major changes announced in Michigan’s “Vacc to Normal” plan that will do away with connecting lifting COVID-19 restrictions to vaccine numbers. 

On June 1, outdoor capacity limits will be lifted, while capacity indoors can be at 50 percent anywhere it wasn’t already. 

Plus, the statewide mask mandate is expected to end on July 1 for everyone, as well as all remaining restrictions.

“We look at this as the last moment of these types of orders,” said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Gov. Whitmer announced the changes in Midland, Michigan on Thursday, saying the state will reach its final step of COVID-19 restrictions in six weeks.

“A wedding, funeral, conference or graduation party will be allowed to resume at 50 percent capacity in the month of June,” said Gov. Whitmer.

Despite vaccine numbers no longer being used as the threshold for lifting these rules, health officials say that progress is why we’ve reached this point. 

“As more of our community is vaccinated and transmission levels continue to fall, we’re closer to the point of having that community-wide protection where we don’t have to worry about wearing our masks every minute of the day or social distancing in all circumstances,” said Gillian Conrad, MPH, Communications Manager at the Berrien County Health Department.

But as you gear up to head back into the office on Monday, inside a wedding venue or host an event indoors in June, know there could still be some restrictions that apply. 

“Other than workplace settings like healthcare institutions or schools, there may be circumstances where you are up close and personal with individuals where your employees might need to wear a mask,” said Conrad. “We are awaiting MIOSHA’s further guidance on how that impacts workplaces, it’s anticipated that we’ll find out by early next week.”

Gov. Whitmer noted there may still be orders after July 1 for the most vulnerable groups and this is all subject to change if unintended circumstances come up.

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