Michigan health officials receive new prescription recommendations

According to a new report from the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs board of Michigan, new prescribing recommendations have been submitted to doctors, surgeons and other health professionals regarding preferred prescribing methods when it comes to pain.

The Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Commission released the recommendations in partnership with Opioid Prescribing Engagement Network and University of Michigan Injury Center.

In a statement, Judge Linda Davis, chair of PDOAC and founder of Families Against Narcotics said, “The recommendations are intended to provide alternatives to opioids and controlled substances for the treatment of acute pain, the recommendations are a result of collaboration between multiple stakeholders working relentlessly to combat the opioid epidemic in Michigan.”

It is hoped that the recommendations will assist health professionals prepare for appointments, suggest alternate pain therapy solutions, provide post-procedural guidelines, and remember to check the Michigan Automated Prescription System prior to patient visits.

The new recommendations are meant to be a viable solution to solving the opioid crisis in Michigan.

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