Michigan lawmakers trying to ban Palcohol

Michigan could be the next state to ban powdered alcohol.

Tuesday, lawmakers joined police chiefs and doctors to urge the ban.

Starting this summer, Palcohol will be on store shelves across the country offering such flavors as Cosmopolitan and Lemon Drop.

Lawmakers say the different flavors appeal to younger people and invites trouble.

So they're calling on legislature to act on bipartisan bills banning it in Michigan.

A group spoke at the capitol Tuesday, saying powdered alcohol will make it easy to create potent drinks.

"We want to make sure that we don't have something else, a new substance that can be abused," said Senator Rick Jones, of Grand Ledge.

Palcohol won federal approval in March, but six states have already banned the product.

Twenty three states are moving in that direction, including Michigan.

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