Michigan man has wallet returned after 70 years

KALAMAZOO, Mich. -- A Michigan man had his wallet returned after nearly 70 years.

Warren Houghton lost his wallet in 1945 when he lived in New Hampshire.

The wallet was returned to the Kalamazoo man with photos of his family, and an old letter from his sister.

There was on money in the wallet, but that didn't surprise his wife.

"Oh no. There wasn't any in there when I married him, and I said there won't be any in there then," Betty Houghton said.

"It was unbvelievable! It blew me out of the water," Houghton said.

Someone found Houghton's wallet and his old baseball glove during construction at his one-room school house.

Houghton doesn't remember losing the wallet but he's grateful that someone took the time to find him.

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