Michigan Representative Fred Upton discusses retirement, career, and the Senate fox

Richard Bodee interviewed Congressman Fred Upton to discuss a number of topics, including his set retirement, career achievements, and the unfolding Ukraine crisis. 

"I met just yesterday again with a number of my Ukrainian counterparts, members of their parliament on Zoom. I met with them in person this last week when they were in Washington. We see these, just terrible videos. We hear the stories of Russian snipers just taking down children and mothers and innocent civilians. The word that came out of Bucha earlier this week. We think is even going to be worse, when Mariupol might be liberated in the next number of days. Thousands and thousands of innocent civilians being mowed down."

Upton also reflected on his career achievements, such as the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act, and on bipartisan collaboration.

"Probably my greatest one was the passage and enactment of 21st century cures, this was literally the last bill that President Obama signed into law. It speeds up the approvals of drugs and devices and was coupled with 45 billion dollars in more health research...I know that if we are going to expand our numbers to where we'd like to be on the Republican side, we have to look to the future not to the past."

Upton even managed to comment on the recent Senate fox controversy, in which a biting fox on Capitol Hill grounds was captured and summarily euthanized in a test for rabies. 

"I'm actually sorry to hear that they caught the fox-There's no presidential pardon like the turkeys."

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