Michigan Republican Party responds to potential recount

“This recount is an unnecessary and ridiculous waste of time and resources," said Ronna Romney McDaniel, the Michigan Republican Party Chairman.

The Michigan Republican Party is making it pretty clear tonight how they feel about a presidential recount.

Former Green Party Candidate Jill Stein made the request for a recount in several states including Michigan. The Michigan Republican Party says no petition has been filed yet, but they’re getting ready to fight back.

“The estimated cost is 3.5 million and that is for a machine recount, not a hand recount, in a smaller state. The Michigan Republican Party is the Michigan arm of the Trump Campaign and we are taking the lead on the potential recount. We are working very closely with the RNC and the National Trump team,” said McDaniel. 

We also reached out to the Michigan Democratic Party who said gave a statement shortly after the Republican Party conference call.

“While the Michigan Democratic Party is not involved with the recount, we support any effort that will affirm faith and confidence in our elections process and the results. It's more important than ever that voters know they can trust the democratic process, particularly following Donald Trump's baseless and dangerous comments claiming that millions of people voted illegally in this year's election,” said Paul Kanan, Communications Director for the Michigan Democratic Party.

The clock is ticking on that petition. If Jill Stein wants to move forward, she has until Wednesday to file.

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