Michigan State rules stop Down Syndrome student from playing his favorite sport

ISHPEMING, Mich.-- A basketball player might have to miss out on his favorite sport, his senior year.

Eric Dompierre plays an active role on his high school football and basketball teams, even though he has Downs Syndrome.

Dompierre will be a senior in the fall, but because of his condition, he was held back.

The teen is 19-year-old, and under Michigan rules, he is too old to compete in high school sports.

His parents want the rule changed because they have seen what a positive impact their son has had on everyone.

Linda Dompierre, the teens mother said, "What is the harm in letting him play? What is your fear about allowing this to happen? Because I don't understand it. Watching the kids react. They carried him off the field, it was just one of the best moments."

Eric said that he will continue to practice, and get ready for next season, even though he knows he may not be able to play.

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