Michigan vape shops preparing for flavored e-cigarette ban

NOW: Michigan vape shops preparing for flavored e-cigarette ban

NILES, Mich – Michigan vape shops are preparing for the future statewide ban on flavored e-cigarettes. 

Wednesday Michigan’s Department of Health & Human services announced that the ban would take effect in 14 days. 

“We were initially supposed to be given 30 days and that’s significantly cut in half to 14 days so its been a big shock to me and my customers,” St. Joseph vape shop owner Dylan Gatties said.  

Gatties said flavored e-cigarettes are 90-percent of his business.  

The decision to speed up the future ban in Michigan comes days after the proposed federal ban. 

“What we’ve seen is the data shows that kids are getting access to these products in spite of our best efforts at enforcement,” United States Department of Health & Human Services Alex Azar said. 

People ABC57 spoke with after the announcement were split on whether the ban is good or not. 

According to Wednesday’s announcement the rules of the ban will last for six months and could be extended for another six months after. 

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