Michigan's longest garage sale returns for 17th year

NOW: Michigan’s longest garage sale returns for 17th year


BERRIEN COUNTY, Ind. — The US-12 Heritage Trail Garage sale has been going since 2003. Garage sales can be found along the side of US-12 off the highway from August 14 to August 16.

“There’s a lot of unique local history and history centers and museums and memorial markings that you kind of visit along the route.” Project Manager for US-12 Heritage Route Kristopher Martin said.

It’s the longest garage sale in Michigan, stretching from New Buffalo to downtown Detroit. People who live along the route can be found roadside with lots of merchandise and antiques.

This year, Martin said there are 180 people registered to participate. The garage sales can be found scattered across the route. This year, organizers have made it easier to follow the route with a US-12 map on their website.

“You kind of select and see what people have out there, so you don’t have to go literally door to door. You can kind of see and select your preference that,” Martin said.

With the coronavirus pandemic, Martin said there are safety guidelines in place to ensure everyone that takes part in the sale is safe. This year, organizers have made it easier to follow the route.

“We recommend wearing masks when you’re outdoors or indoors if you can’t be six feet apart from people,” Martin said. “And just using some good common sense you know. Just being good to your neighbor. if you are a participant in the sale, just using hand sanitizer and wearing a mask and things like that.”

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