Middlebury dairy farmer uses ice cream sprinkles to feed cows

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -- This year's corn growing season in Middlebury hasn't been kind to dairy farmers like Mike Yoder.

"The cost of feeding our cows actually doubled this year," said Yoder.

So he's had to find alternative ways to care for the nearly 400 cows at his farm.

Part of that includes using cheaper feed like ice cream sprinkles and cereal.

"Bakery products is a really popular source of energy," said Yoder.

But these cows don't have to worry about getting diabetes anytime soon.

Yoder said his farm consults a professional nutritionist to make sure the feed is scientifically cooked up.

"It's just a matter of making the right mix and the right ratio,"said Yoder. "We can replace the sugar that is in corn with regular cane sugar or molasses, or any other sugar product like ice cream sprinkles."

A pound of Yoder's sugar mix costs almost half as much as a pound of corn.

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